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About DJ Clock


Kholile Elvin Gumede AKA DJ Clock arose into the music scene in 2007. But his passion for music started evolving at a young age listening to his father’s favorite records. His first major work was a track for DJ Ganyani’s House Grooves strings. His Debut album ‘The First Tick’ landed him two SAMA nominations. And ‘The Second Tick’ in 2009, then ‘The Third Tick’ in 2010, cementing his popularity. Major hits like ‘Ngomiso’ with Shisa Boy and ofcourse ‘Imoto’ with Professor were mutually monster hits. Imoto later won a SAMA accolade for Record of the Year. DJ Clock just keeps going to his next album, ‘The Fourth Tick’.

DJ Clock – DJ and Producer - Johannesburg

A South African DJ/producer, from Vosloorus on the East Rand, South Africa. His inspiration came from three colleague South African DJ's and producers with legendary status namely Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Fresh.


When DJ Clock broke into the music act in 2007, very few people knew that his musical voyage had started in his childhood. Having grown up in a melodious home, DJ Clock got his first taste of using vinyls when his father, an passionate music lover, would request him to replay his beloved songs. This meant that from a young age, DJ Clock learnt how to work a record player and knew how to cater to people’s musical tastes – this marked the launch of his love for music and DJing. When he got a bit into his teens, his love for music and DJing was re-ignited when he learned a school in Rosebank (Milky Lane) that presented production and DJing lessons for free. That marked what would turn out to be the preparation of a musical innovator that would stimulate the style of many South African DJs.


DJ Clock’s first major work was alongside DJ Ganyani’s ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves’ series on which he contributed with "Chynaman in Africa". After getting his preparation, fate intervened when a friendship with Durban-born DJ Njabs led to him employed alongside some of the country’s heavy weights in 2007.

DJ Clock’s work with Durban’s Premium put him on the South African music map as a energy to be reckoned with. He produced Big Nuz’s 2008 hit track ‘Ubala’. In the very same year, the then 20-year-old DJ Clock released his debut album ‘The First Tick’. The album reinforced that he wasn’t a one hit spectacle and album sales reflected that he was increasing a strong following. ‘The First Tick’ sold over 30 000 units and gained DJ Clock two SAMA nominations in 2009 – Best Urban Dance Album and Best Record of the year for ‘Umahamba Yedwa’ which was a huge hit.

By that time, DJ Clock had contributed to other DJs compilations, including Fistaz Mixwell, Euphonik, Oskido, Chynaman et al and had developed the go-to producer for compilation albums.


In 2009, DJ Clock released his second album, ‘The Second Tick’. The album hatched a hit song in the Manhattans’ sampled ‘Kiss and Say Goodbye’. This was also the phase that DJ Clock wanted to take control of the business side of his career. He launched AM- PM Productions with a mate and started licensing his albums. This transfer was kick-started by Clock’s desire to increase his skills as a businessman as well as an artist. He produced albums for relatively unknown groups including Queens of Dance as well as entrenched artists such as Mzekezeke, Brickz, and Groova Lounge.


In 2010, DJ Clock’s name had grown the respect and accolades that his talent justified. He released his third offering ‘The Third Tick’. The sum of hits DJ Clock had in 2010 put him in a association of his own because not only was he creating great music for himself; he was fast fetching a hit-maker for other artists. His album had a big hit, D ‘n’ B Beat’, which was again nominated for a Metro Award Best Single. ‘The Third Tick’ was also the first album on which DJ Clock highlighted more established, well known people on his lone work. He wanted to create a reliable name on his own before cooperating with other famous names.

In that year, he signed Shisa Boy and their song ‘Ngomso’ became an immediate hit. He produced ‘Imoto’ for Professor; the tune went on to become a giant hit. The song later won a SAMA award for Record of the Year in 2011 even though – surprisingly - it didn’t have a music video –an industry first.


After a highly fruitful run in 2010, DJ Clock decided to take a pause in 2011. The intention behind the break was the craving to continue making new and pioneering music. Dj Clock wanted to make sure that he only puts out quality music, so he used the time to rethink his musical direction and brand.

During that period, his music was still in high demand. This demand was quenched by his release of ‘DJ Clocks’ Footsteps’. This restricted edition album showcased songs he had shaped with other labels and introduced his fans to songs in his directory that they may have been unaware of.

In 2011 DJ Clock also produced ‘Ex’ by Character featuring Professor, which was highly nominated for Hit Single of the Year for the that years Metro Awards.

DJ Clock’s company AM- PM Productions also quaked up the local music scene by working with soul singer Kabomo on his debut album, ‘All Things Grey’. The album was well-received by fans and music knockers alike and marked the start of a new chapter for AM-PM Productions – not only might they produce house and kwaito music but now they had proven that their musical talent was potentially strong across the board.

On the commercial front, AM PM signed a contract with Universal Music, which is one of the biggest recording labels in the world. The deal marked development and excellence for AM-PM Productions, as made evidence by brands as big as Universal wanting to work with them.


DJ Clock’s musical break has culminated in a 6 CD album that will generate a new era for the dance music scene in South Africa. In an energy to create an album that is multipurpose, unique and unlike something his fans have ever heard, Dj Clock spared nothing when it came to production. He has described The Fourth Tick as the reincarnation of DJ Clock. The clockumentary. His fans can suppose a number of very different jingles in the 6 CD Album. ‘I want my fans to get a wide variety of music from this album, that’s why I made it a 5 CD album. There are no remixes, it’s all original and fresh beats,’ he says. The Fourth Tick has sold well over an surplus of 20 000 units to date since its release in December 2013, with his chart topping single “Pluto (remember you)” Feat Beatenberg that set a new record for being the most played song on radio in the past of the Democratic of South Africa, the song went on to touch continental and international acclaim with, request from international acts to remix the song and/or collaborate with Dj Clock.

Recent Achievements & Highlights (2014)

  • Performed at the “SAFTA” Awards Ceremony
  • Performed at the “Castle Lite Extra Cold Explosion alongside “Timbaland, Whiz Khalifa and Nas”.
  • Nominated for at the MAMAS (MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS 14) in the “Song Of The Year” Category.
  • Performed at the “MAMAS” alongside “French Montana and Trey Songs”.
  • Headline performer at the “Gauteng Sports Awards” closing the show with the hit song Pluto.
  • Set the record for most played song on S.A Radio according to EMA Charts.
  • Performed at the “DSTV Media Conference” in Mauritius alongside other African heavyweights.
  • Performed at the JD Boomtown Marquee, during the Durban July.
  • Headline performer at the CTWMF (Cape Town World Music Festival)alongside acts from around Africa.

With so much achieved in the first half of the year, one can only imagine what Dj Clock has in store towards the end of 2014.

Top Songs

  1. Pluto (Remember You) [feat. Beatenberg] [Radio Edit]DJ ClockAbout DJ Clock
  2. Union Dance
  3. Union Dance
  4. Pluto (Remember You) [feat. Beatenberg]
  5. Don’t Waste My Time (Ampmidnight Mix)
  6. Vendian (feat. Mr. Stylish & Mr G) [Ampmohamed Mix]
  7. Tikiliti Ndavuya (feat. Dj Titty & MP Unit)
  8. Something Better Than Good
  9. Good Job (feat. Professor & Character)
  10. Robort
  11. Ama-Beer (feat. Lady Du)
  12. Ngenzeni (Kanti) [feat. Winnie Khumalo]
  13. Kanti Unje (feat. Tira & Tzozo)
  14. Qala Phansi (feat. Cazin)
  15. Mzekezeke (Angeke Balunge) [feat. Mzekezeke]
  16. Mastermind (feat. Thebe)
  17. I'm Glad That I Found You (feat. Nomfusi)
  18. Amacala (feat. Bongz)
  19. Get Loose To It (feat. Reason)
  20. S'gantsontso (feat. Mandoza)
  21. Throw It Back (feat. Menzi & Mr Selwyn)
  22. Amazone (feat. Man Db)
  23. Commitment
  24. The Piano Dice (feat. Mono T & Mapiano) [Futuristic Mix]
  25. Jupiter